Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Wedding Plate Project Part I

The wedding plate arrived yesterday and I was so excited, I had to break right in! It is such a gorgous plate, I knew that making 20 great pendants would not be a problem. They are not finished, but I could not wait to share the progress!
This is how the plate arrived, having already been broken at the wedding.
I used a hammer and tile snips to break the plate up into pendant sized pieces.
These are the 20 pieces broken into a general shape, awaiting grinding.
Grinding the edges smooth using a glass grinder.
These are the 20 pieces, ground and ready for tape and solder!
Stay Tuned...


Colleen said...

Hi! I know you have no idea who I am, I'm a diehard fan of apartment therapy and came across your blog through them... I love your stuff! I hope you don't mind me lurking around a little bit! Just thought I'd come out and introduce myself at least. And good luck the next several days, I see you're expecting! We have a 3 month old ourselves.


Funky Finds said...


Juliet said...

Welcome Colleen! Lurk About! I was so honored to see one of my posts on AT this morning, and I was hoping i would get new viewers!

Thanks Ms. Finds, I LOVE this new plate!

sister brokenplate said...

That plate is SOOOOOOO you.