Thursday, June 28, 2007


I was not able to get to my computer until late today, but when I did it was chock full of fun emails including the following new mentions of my work. (Toot toot goes my own horn...)
Sara Dick from Washington City Paper wrote a wonderfully glowing review of Pile of Craft. The entry not only features this especially round photo of my face, but a video interview of Rachael Bone of Red Prairie Press about the show and the Mafia. Part of the video shows a walk through of the show, I am in room two, but it is hard to see the booth with all the customers. (toot toot)There is a nice shot of my onesies though! Thanks Sara!

It was really exciting to find out that my button was featured on the Apartment Therapy-Nursery blog - one of my new favorites!

I received a really nice email from the folks at BMoreCool - the web's guide to cool Baltimore, letting me know that I am featured on their website. Check out the Webbies page
which also features links to Imogene and the Charm City Craft Mafia!

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