Monday, June 04, 2007

Art Star Philly Recap

Phew. I think my belly is getting too big for a summer outdoor show! Saturday was hot and humid, which made for sluggish shoppers. The show had so many vendors spread out over a pretty large area so it was difficult for shoppers to see every booth. My booth did OK, but I left early because of the rain Sunday. Sorry to anyone who came after I left Sunday, send me a note if you missed me, and I can show you what is left. There were so many great vendors, I wish I got to see more, below are some highlights. I bought this adorable screen print from my neighbor Jane of Foxy & Winston. In addition to great art she makes cards and baby clothes as well. I have not decided if "Junior" will get this gem in his room, or if I will keep it for myself yet.
My only other purchase was a paper airplane baby kimono like this one from Mogo.

Some other highlights....

I finally met Taryn of MyMy. She will be opening a new store in PA, so check her blog to find out details. Should be lots of fun!
Above is some really amazing stained glass work by Marina Borker. It is hard to tell how cool these are in a photo, but believe it or not, they are only 2 dimensional!
More cool stained glass from Mimi Lipson. Love her use of electric polls!

There is more, but I have to hunt down postcards.

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