Monday, July 30, 2007

For the Grandmas and Aunts out there...

Had my last sonogram today! At 34 weeks (and 3 days), baby Broken Plate is about 4lbs. 6ozs., still a little small, but growing steadily. He is too big to get any good face shots but he always seems willing to share a foot, hand and penis.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Lobster dinner. mmmmmm.

This is why men can not be trusted to go to the grocery store alone (but it is really fun when they do!!!!) This was my dinner last night, and I did not have to do a thing! Wow, I think I might keep him a while.
Mr. Broken Plate even bought a new tool for our dinner.
In related news, we learned that Bella does not like lobster (or the bib...)

Friday, July 27, 2007

This weeks batch.

I am really happy with this weeks batch! I figure as long as there are a few of each batch that I am not sure if I can give up, I am doing something right. I am still not sure if I will have to sit out the next craft show season because of baby Broken Plate, but I am still trying to keep up my stock just in case. If not, hopefully I will have a good Internet sales year? I am attempting to have "real" online store in addition to Etsy, hopefully by the holidays. We'll see how ambitious Mr. Broken Plate gets...
And for those of you that were sad to have missed out on the Amish Plate, Good News - I found one on Ebay!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm so stupid. Reason #347

When we were at the airport to pic up the step-Broken Plate, I saw a woman who I thought, but not 100% sure, was Annie Leibowitz. Mr. Broken Plate had no idea who I was talking about, but just told me that I should have talked to her. How does one approach the greatest
portrait photographer of her lifetime? I can see it now, "Hi! What was it like to find out you took the last photo of John Lennon alive?" or "Can you take my photo like Demi Moore on the Vanity Fair cover??" Gosh, I could never. But at the time I figured, it probably wasn't even her and I would have embarrassed myself anyway. What would she be doing in B-more anyway? Well, after seeing her on Oprah today, I realized it WAS her, I AM stupid and I should of had her take my photo with my camera phone. Ugh. Just had to share.

Nesting Part III

Baby Broken Plate's crib is used and about 13 years old. There was no evidence of this except for a print on the outside wall of a pink and blue rocking pony. (I wish I had a before shot!)

Most normal people would just paint over this with white paint, but not me, I HAD to make a project out of it. This little scene is hand painted except for the letters and flowers which are stickers from the Martha Stewart Craft Collection. I was inspired by a brooch by Allira and a brooch installation by Arthur Hash. I wonder if anyone else has baby decor inspired by jewelry? Here are my inspiration images, click on them to go to the artists websites. By the way, looks like we settled on the name...Nolan Taylor Morrison (or Baby Broken Plate as he is reffered to here.)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I'm a Crafty Bastard!

I realized in my last post that I had not officially announced that I am, in fact, a Crafty Bastard! The show is Sunday September 30, 2007 - which will unfortunately be a little too soon after the birth of baby Broken Plate (due Sept. 8) for me to do it myself. My lovely friend Whitney will be manning my booth for me, for which I am eternally grateful! Be sure to stop by and say hi to her!

A few of my B-more Etsy Friends...

Annie of Imogene has opened her Etsy store, aptly named imogeneANDannie, and I must say, that for only being open for a short while, she has one of the most attractive shops in all of Etsy-land. Congrats!

Megan Auman is offering free shipping on her fine silver on steel bracelets until August 3rd! Scoop one (or three) up - you will never get more compliments on a bracelet!
Congrats to Sherry, of Danelionblu fame, for getting into Crafty Bastards!
Congrats and Good Luck to FortCloudy on her upcoming cross-country move to Seattle! I'm sure she and NinjaFetus will have a wonderful crafty life on the left coast!

Make sure you stop by and see imogeneANDannie, Megan Auman, Dandelionblu, FortCloudy and TheBrokenPlate at Crafty Bastards. B-more is taking over!


In case you are in the market for a new bag (and who isn't?) check out Maruca Design. The new Fall/Winter 2007 catalog is ready for perusal!
These could pass for a diaper bag....right??

Monday, July 23, 2007

Some new work...

Some new work is now available on my Etsy site, including this cute bird pendant.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Nesting Part II

When Mr. Broken Plate and I went for childbrith class, the teacher warned us that the day or two before you go into labor you will "nest" like never before. Mr. Broken Plate is now convinced that baby Broken Plate will be arriving any minute, if my behavior yesterday was any indication. My wonderful neighbor Meg got us this awesome crib, mattress, sheet AND bumper SO I had to finish decorating the room! The giraffes are from the Wee Gallery from Blik. They are decals that are designed to stimulate baby's brain and can be moved around! The little painting is by Erica Vess of BeesKnees Studio (who now has an Etsy store by the way!)
The bottom photo is my entry way which was plagued by an awful coat rack. When I saw that these hooks and these hooks were on sale at Urban Outfitters, it inspired me to re-do the whole mini-room! I got the bench from, however I don't really recommend it. It is perfect for my space, but it is pretty poorly made (and it is not because I put it together!) The drawers are pretty flimsy, but they will do OK to hold a leash and maybe some gloves...
Thanks for letting me indulge. Thanks again Meg for the crib (and accessories), it is perfect and a huge weight off my shoulders!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Batch!

Above is part of my new batch that I am working on this week. Trying to get back into the habit of making about 25 a week to be ready for the holidays and Crafty Bastards (not to mention the lack of time I will have after the arrival of my Crafty Bastard in September)


I just got from a local magazine who wants to do a feature on my work! They are even sending a photographer to my house! So Cool! It will be out in November (right before the holidays, yeah!) I will give more details then, but just had to share here now because no one is answering their phone.
Above is a piece from Kathryn Riechert, I love her work, and it is how I feel!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


In case you have not seen the beginnings of Annie of Imogene's new line, here is your first peek. Really cute (and great photography!) Congrats!

David Maisel

Every time a fly (once I get over the shock of being hurdled through the air at ridiculously dangerous speeds) I am amazed at how beautiful aerial views of farm land are. Check out these amazing aerial photographs from David Maisel!
David Maisel's other project, Library of Dust, chronicles the decay of canisters that hold the cremated remains of mental patients who died at Oregon State Insane Asylum from 1883 to the 1970’s, and whose bodies remained unclaimed by their families.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


My secret is that I am obsessed with checking the PostSecret website on Sundays...this one was particularly good!

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Please allow me a moment to indulge in a mini-rant. You know the parking spots at the grocery store that say "Reserved for expecting moms or moms with infants?" WELL, I am 7+ months pregnant and STILL don't park there because I am sure that there is pregnant women with hungry twin infants that really NEEDS that spot. I can hike and extra few feet to get my grapes and waffle mix, no biggie. SO I pass up this spot, and as I am walking past it, some college DUDE in a pick-up parks there. I wanted to punch him in his smug, peach fuzz having, gangsta-wannabe face. That's all I have to say about that.

Friday, July 13, 2007

USB Humping Dogs

$15 well spent, from Urban Outfitters.

Camera Phone Clean Out 7-13-07

Belly vs. Vase, round 2.

Sittin on the stoop.

So sorry, didn't mean to wake you princess. Her sleep number is 45.

Cool house painting in Hamden, hon.

Gotta love this SNL skit.

My first tomato.

I picked this gem off the vine, discovered a bee sitting on it, and proceeded to throw it across the yard. Since I can't eat it, I thought I would at least photograph it. Sigh.


I felt compelled to share this brownie pan with the world. For those of you who fight for the corner piece, you know who you are, this is a dream come true. One a similar note, if you see these at your local warehouse store (Sam's Club, Price Club, Costco, etc.) Buy Them! (thanks Shawn)

New beaded pendants

These are now available on my Etsy store. There are more new images of beaded work on my Flickr site. Shameless self promotion end.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Simpsons Avatar

If you are looking for a time killer, may I suggest that you make your own Simpsons avatar! (this is me skinny again...)


Click here to help one of my favorite blogs, Print and Pattern, reach 1000000 hits today!

My kind of piggy bank!

This great piggy bank from Atypyk comes already broken with glue to reassemble! Why didn't I think of that?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

LIttle Fawns

A new, super cute website/blog, called Little Fawns has featured Mutha Crafter today! It took me a while to post because I got caught up in all the great stuff I found there! The site features stuff for baby, toddler, nursery, mom, dad and everyone else, but there are also craft how-tos, a new parents journal and the beginnings of a new parents forum. Don't click this link unless you want to avoid work for a little while...

Saturday, July 07, 2007


I could not for the life of me find a mobile (under $100) that was worthy of "Juniors" sophisticated tastes, so I decided to make one. I am really happy with it, and have decided to add custom mobiles to my Mutha Crafter store. The birds, balls and beads can all be customized! Choose from red, green, blue, pink, or white birds, accented with any texture ball and color bead. They can be great for a boy or a girl! It is held together with super strong nylon coated steel cord and hung from a wood circle.

Friday, July 06, 2007


Over the past year, I have thrifted the country for amazing plates, but always skipped by the plastic melamine plates. Silly me! They are a great solution for me to make a really inexpensive line that sticks to my dinnerware theme! I break them up with a hammer, shape them with wire snips and the file down the sides to create smooth edges. They are topped with a simple jump ring and nylon coated steel cord. Above are a few of my first batch which will soon be available on Etsy.