Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A few of my B-more Etsy Friends...

Annie of Imogene has opened her Etsy store, aptly named imogeneANDannie, and I must say, that for only being open for a short while, she has one of the most attractive shops in all of Etsy-land. Congrats!

Megan Auman is offering free shipping on her fine silver on steel bracelets until August 3rd! Scoop one (or three) up - you will never get more compliments on a bracelet!
Congrats to Sherry, of Danelionblu fame, for getting into Crafty Bastards!
Congrats and Good Luck to FortCloudy on her upcoming cross-country move to Seattle! I'm sure she and NinjaFetus will have a wonderful crafty life on the left coast!

Make sure you stop by and see imogeneANDannie, Megan Auman, Dandelionblu, FortCloudy and TheBrokenPlate at Crafty Bastards. B-more is taking over!


dandelion blu said...

Hooray! Crafty Bastards unite! Thanks for posting me! I am terrified, but very excited! Now I just have to get some work made.... :)

Amy said...

Oooo I really love those bracelets, I'm putting those on my wishlist for birthdays/christmas/etc !!