Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Nesting Part III

Baby Broken Plate's crib is used and about 13 years old. There was no evidence of this except for a print on the outside wall of a pink and blue rocking pony. (I wish I had a before shot!)

Most normal people would just paint over this with white paint, but not me, I HAD to make a project out of it. This little scene is hand painted except for the letters and flowers which are stickers from the Martha Stewart Craft Collection. I was inspired by a brooch by Allira and a brooch installation by Arthur Hash. I wonder if anyone else has baby decor inspired by jewelry? Here are my inspiration images, click on them to go to the artists websites. By the way, looks like we settled on the name...Nolan Taylor Morrison (or Baby Broken Plate as he is reffered to here.)


Christina said...

That turned out really nice! I like the name Nolan.

GrandMa Broken Plate said...

Nolan Taylor Morrison aka Baby Broken Plate....tee hee hee, I love both names!