Tuesday, May 22, 2007


No one said that breaking plates for a living is without its danger. Between cuts, solder burns, and the occasional misguided hammer whack, my hands have sustained the brunt of the injuries.
When this happens, I have one of two thoughts; 1. Charge twice as much, 2. throw the piece across the room to never see the light of day (this is what normally happens).

Yesterday, the above injury occurred while making a piece from a plate that I brought home from Florida. Charging double is not practical, and throwing it away would be sad, so I have a new plan for trouble pieces. I am going to donate half of the price to Art with a Heart, a local Baltimore charity who provides interactive, hands-on art activities to disadvantaged families and children, and to people with developmental and physical challenges.
This is my first addition (of many to come, I am sure) for Art with a Heart!

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SeasideQuilts said...

That's very nice of you to donate to charity. It's a great idea rather then tossing them out the window which I have wanted to do many times! :)