Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I found this awesome yellow velvet rocker at Salvation Army yesterday! It was made in 1976, is in great shape, and only $35. The guest room finally looks like a baby room now that I added the Martha Stewart alphabet and my imitation Lorena Siminoich bird collage. The bed above was the guest bed, it will now be my "up-all-night bed." The paintings above the bed were made by my great grandmother. My neighbor Meg has kindly found me a used crib, SO for a total of $45.00 I have a nursery.Beat that "Trading Spaces." Now I just need the boring essentials. What am I going to do for the next 3 months?
I almost forgot to share this kick-ass onesie that Fort Coudy made for me! Can't wait for St. Pat's, he already has 2 outfits!

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Shani said...

Wow! It looks awesome in there. My baby's nursery looks like an acid trip so far.