Thursday, May 24, 2007

One Man's Junk...

While leaving the back of the Center for the Arts building at Towson University the other day, I heard a very familiar sound, ceramics being smashed to pieces! As I approached the sound, I discovered two men throwing pots and plates into a huge dumpster! I screamed "Wait! I'm the Broken Plate girl, can I see what's left??" They said that they were almost finished throwing out all of the work that students had left behind for the semester, all that was left was this blue vase if I wanted it. Half of me was bummed that I missed the loot, the other half couldn't wait to get to Home Depot to find a plant to fill my new pot! In years prior I might have gone back to dumpster dive, but this year I will just be happy to have a new un-broken piece of pottery!

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