Tuesday, September 09, 2008

YOU by Crocs

I have been weening myself from my Crocs for a few months now, after finally realizing that I will regret having worn them in 10 years when some VH1 show dogs them out as an embarrassing trend of 2007-2008. I am about to relapse. The shoes above are the new fall line called YOU by Crocs. Can you believe it? I am back on the bandwagon! Screw VH1 and their snarky documentaries!


Shani said...

I had to cut myself off from the crocs, as well. They were great prego shoes, but I feel like a jackass wearing them now. These are pretty nice, though!

averagejen said...

treat yourself for your birthday!!!

Odie's Momma said...

WHOA! These are Crocs! You should never have told me! I'm TOTALLY obsessed with mine...forget you VH1!