Monday, September 22, 2008

New promo stuff

New earring card
Stickers and tattoos!
For some reason, I could not seem to break plates this weekend. You would think that I would be feverishly preparing for Crafty Bastards, but I am feeling pretty calm and prepared. Instead, I was inspired by Yummy and Company to design a tattoo for some promos. I also created these stickers and earring cards inspired by paintings by Susan Homer. They probably won't arrive in time, but at least I felt kinda productive.


Holly Anne said...

I LOVE your jewelry... In fact, I am writing an article for about my top 10 favorite jewelry designers and you're on it. I'll send you the link once it is published! :) Keep up the good work. My favorite is the coral necklace and I love the one with the bee hanging from the bottom of it also!

Valerie A. Heck said...

the new earring card looks awesome!

jenygwen said...

make sure you take corrine aka "tattoo princess" give her a hug for me!!!!