Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Spirits of the Abandoned

Anyone who has ever passed by an old abandoned building and wondered what was inside will love this site dedicated to exploring these places. Spirits of the Abandoned is a website (and eventually a series of books) dedicated to "visually documenting, not only the existence of these often derelict places, but their essence— through the wonderful photographic opportunities they offer."
The Maryland gallery is already full of amazing images from abandoned hospitals, schools, industrial sites and more. Readers are invited to discuss these places in forums as well as submit their own photos. Go Explore!


annie said...

i love this so much.
i've always wondered about the mayfair.

Rebecca Dortzbach said...

creepy places are the best, i wonder if some of these images are from rosedale ( or is it rosemont/rosewood)went there a while ago, crazy inside. we should take a field trip this summer! anyone hear npr the other day about the maryland mental hospital in the 40-50-60's for african americans that was shut down and had major problems?

Weezi.com said...

Thanx so much for listing this web site!
I loved it and have passed it along.
Very interesting!
Great photography and fantastic images....seriously!-if the walls could talk!
thanx muchly! Lisa

Rachel Bone said...

OOOH! There's a great photo show up right now at the Blakeslee group (900 block of charles street) by Mike O'Hara, of these abandoned buildings! All in Baltimore. They are beautiful!!

tya said...

i have to shoot here there everywhere wow!