Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mama needs a new bag!

When the wooded handle on my favorite bag from De*Nada Design broke last month under the pressure of all my stuff, I was equal parts depressed and excited at the prospect of a new bag. Now I am overwhelmed by the options on Etsy and need some help. Suggestions? Votes? Tips? Show me your fav bag on Etsy! Your Ultimate Reversible Bag - Japanese and French Fabrics from Iragrant.
KULIUS TOTE - Green House from BungleBearDesigns.
Charm Forest - Reversible Bag from Charmdesign.
Emerald and Chocolate Brown Shweshwe Big Town Bag from TheWren.
Mimi Mini Messenger Bag from EllaOsix.


Angie said...

oooh! The first and last are my favorite!

Cicada Studio said...

Oh my, this is a tough decision...

Odie's Momma said...

#1 - Charm Design, #2 The Wren. Oh get them both! Or, better yet, get me one

sweetcheese said...

Lucky you! I like the wren bag, but if you want even more options you can try these lovely Etsy shops: