Monday, April 21, 2008

Random Poetry Break and Giveaway!

If you happened to catch This American Life this weekend, you probably heard many different variation of the poem, This is Just To Say by William Carlos Williams . I don't know why, but I found it endlessly amusing. I never studied this poem in school, but apparently everyone else has and had to write their own version of it. I guess, what is so appealing, is just how unapologetic the poet is in this supposed note that he left on the fridge. This is the original version.

I have eaten the plums that were in the icebox
and which you were probably saving for breakfast
Forgive me they were delicious so sweet and so cold

Here are two variations that I particularly like:
1. by Kenneth Koch:
I chopped down the house that you had been saving to live in next summer.I am sorry, but it was morning,
and I had nothing to do and its wooden beams were so inviting. David Rakoff:
At our wedding I disappeared briefly to have sex with your sister up against the back of the port-o-sans.
What could I say the chardonnay was so fresh and cold and I, so full of love and dis-sense of family.
And I said I’m sure one day we will laugh about this well, by one day I meant that day and by we, I meant me and by laugh... I meant laugh.

Here is my take
I have broken your grandmother's plate that was securely displayed in the oak china cabinet
and which you were probably saving for when your young children marry

Forgive me, I was bored, it was beautiful and I had nothing to wear.

I want your non-apologies. Write your version of the poem and you will be entered to win this Diana Fayt pendant! Don't be shy, just do it! It's fun! I will give you until May 10th. For inspiration, you can download the episode of This American Life here.


Shani O said...

While you thought I was ill,
I was really in the bathroom reading.
I am sorry I tricked you into watching the baby.
The book was too good and I have so little time.

Anita / Miscelena said...

shani o's poem is going to be hard to top, I think! :)

I have taken your photo (but not your soul) while you were sleeping, ignoring your usual objections and aversion to the lens. Forgive me: you were luminous, so peaceful and sighing so sweetly.

Sweet Pepita said...

You unknowingly eat eggs and I keep my mouth shut morning after morning,
swallowing what I know to be true.
This breakfast is a treat and I can't stand to see you pout
consumed with muffin envy.

Sweet Pepita said...

Oh, just in case you're worried... It's OK, he's not allergic, just grossed out.

Juliet said...

OH my gosh! You guys are the BEST! I think I want to start a whole new "This is Just to Say" Blog!!

Keep um coming!!!

Anita / Miscelena said...

Ooo... we can leave more than one, eh? Hmmm....


I whizzed past you on the right, then squeezed in front. Forgive me: you were driving 40 in a 45, oblivious, and I am in a hurry.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't attentive when you were on your deathbed. You never tried to hide that I wasn't your favorite.

What you valued in her was a facade. They said if you knew it would hurt you.

You thought I was spoiled, but she would have gotten the same freedom and privledges if she hadn't already destroyed people's trust.

If you are in your heaven now maybe you know the truth, but I bet you still like her better than me.

Odie's Momma said...

Your cart was so full,
and I,
with nothing but a musty old scarf,
was at once mesmerized by the awesome, vintage velvet plum colored blazer
sitting right on top,
quivering with anticipation
To be plucked

I'm sorry, it's mine now.
ok, not really
but it would have made you look fat anyway.

Juliet said...

I have the best readers ever!

Odie's Momma said...

You pay me $15 an hour,
meager, yes.
And although you think I'm hard at work,
I'm really killing time on Myspace, FaceBook and Blogger.
What you don't know you're paying for won't hurt you, right?

Odie's Momma said...

This is SO fun!

Jenny Jen said...

i had wanted to be your favorite teacher until you started to talk about tanning booth and prom dresses
i want to give you the most dissapointment of the year award
and tell you that yes, teachers do talk about their students at lunch just their students do

shani o said...

This morning, I let the dog drink out of your cup.
I'm sorry, but you were being mean
and I am passive-aggressive.

Juliet said...

Ha! This is to go with Shani O's!

This morning, I gave you your breakfast on a plate that the dog licked clean.
I'm sorry, but I wanted you to do the dishes last night and I am passive-aggressive.

shani o said...

I love it! Now here's how you figure out my degree of evil-ness. Which dog drank out of the cup? The one who eats poo or the one who merely licks his own ass. Discuss!

Liz Steiner said...

I'm sorry I took the rocks from your driveway. But they were so smooth and lovely. One has a tiny fossil. How can you appriciate the magic of geologic time when your tires are parked on top of it?

camm said...

i'm sorry i wiped your baby's nose
with his shirt.
forgive me:
he was full of snot
and you never provide tissues.

(not about nolan, juliet!)

Juliet said...

I just wiped Nolan's nose with his shirt before I checked my email...we are sick. =(