Saturday, January 12, 2008

Kitchen mini-makeover.

I had to do a mini kitchen makeover this week to make room for my new Kitchenaid Mixer! (Thanks mom!) So, I moved my spices into these great magnetic cans from Bed Bath and Beyond. They stick right to the fridge. Just think of the organizing possibilities!

When I filling out papers for my mixer with the manager, he had to ask for my email address. Imagine me standing in the fine porcelain/wedding registry section of BB&B trying to tell him, not too loudly, that my email was actually He looked a little scared.

Can you tell I like green?


Sister BrokenPlate said...

Love the spice jars. Do they come in pumpkin butter?

sewingchick said...

That's hilarious! I laughed out loud at the email-in-the-fine-porcelain-section comment. I love your website by the way. I think this is the third comment I've left you in the past ten minutes. I'm hooked on your blog now! I'm going to have to email my friend and tell her all about you!