Monday, January 07, 2008

Crafting in a Green World

For most contemporary green crafters, myself included, crafting with recycled materials began at childhood. Growing up before prepackaged craft kits were everywhere, I was forced to recycle if I was going to satisfy my need to create. I learned that a well appropriated paper towel roll can be transformed into anything from a fort to a pair of boots, given enough tape.

Today's green crafters have taken this childlike creative spirit, and combined it with rebellion for mass consumerism and a concern for the planet. The result is the creation of imaginative and functional objects with a twist. It is a great feeling to give a new life to what some might think of as trash. Goodwill has become the new craft store!

I am so proud to be a part of this growing green crafting movement and excited to share my finds on a new website called Crafting in a Green World, part of the Green Options network. Please check it out and learn something new about living green and crafting green! Feel free to leave comments and suggestions on either site! Here is my first post!

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