Monday, June 23, 2008

Pile of Craft

I Love Pile of Craft! This show was more mellow then shows past, but business was still great! I got some prime real estate with the benefit of a steady breeze to keep me cool. Tya was an awesome helper and not only documented the day with her amazing photos, but took the pen away from me to take care of writing up orders. (if you saw my handwriting, you would understand.) Thanks Tya!!!A highlight of any show is when Nolan comes to visit!
Little Ms. Sweet Pepita is one of the happiest (and most energetic) kids I have ever met!
Human beatbox Shodekeh performs with Phil's (of Red Prairie Press Fame) ukulele in front of my booth.
Shani, Shawn and Seeley came for a visit as well as a few neighbors! Thanks!

We saw greatest tattoo ever! I thought she really had a tattoo of my Bella!

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Shani said...

It's Beans!! What a nice treat to read your blog and see a picture of my husband and our spawn :-) We enjoyed visiting you on Saturday and I'm in love with my new Broken Plate pendant. I wore it all weekend, and Monday too! Hope to see you guys soon...