Monday, October 08, 2007

Checking in...

I'm so sorry that I am a blogging slacker. This little guy is so much work that the Internet is a privilege, and blogging is a down right luxury. I barely have time for his blog, but some people might kick my butt if I neglected that one (and those people know where I live!)
I have been trying to break plates, but his napping is so erratic, I can't count on it for more then maybe an hour if I am lucky. I have to make more work ASAP to get ready for the holidays and hopefully a show or two, but am not so sure how just yet. Hopefully he will soon not have to eat every hour and I can sneak away a little more.

I had my photo shoot for Smart Woman Magazine last week! It was very fun (and a little corny.) They sent a stylist which was really cool, I got to look cute for a day! Hopefully I don't look too much like the sleepless new mother that I am in the photo they choose. The issue will be out in November.

I did get to finish the wedding plate project, here is a photo of the finished pieces. I loved doing this job, and hope to find more like it!

I wish I could chat longer, but alas, motherhood is calling.

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