Friday, October 20, 2006

Great Day!

I had a great day yesterday! I sold 4 necklaces! One necklace was bought by someone who just came in to look at the gallery. It is always nice when someone I don't know personally likes my stuff because I don't feel like they were guilted into it. Later, I sold 3 to a person whose tastes I really admire.
After work I found the motherload of great plates (above). AND while I was in Sal's Boutique looking at the plates, a woman came up to me and asked "are you the woman who makes mailboxes??" I told her I was. She said that she met me a little while ago at a Goodwill and that she always looks at the plates for me now. She wanted my card so she could look at my mailboxes. While I was talking to her about Handmade Arcade I heard someone say "Did you say Handmade Arcade? Are you Juliet?" It was Annies friend Melissa! She figured it was me because I was in the plate section. I had a great conversation with her about post-collage "art". When I went to check out, the lady behind the counter remembered me and we talked about my work. I felt like a celebrity for a minute (so what if it was in Salvation Army)

I was brought back to reality later in the day when I thought I could have a good time trying on dresses. Not so much.

So thanks to all who made my day great.


Shona Cole said...

I am dying to know, what is post collage art? Love your pendants by the way :)

Juliet said...

Post college, sorry =)