Monday, August 07, 2006

I have become THAT blogging crafty girl!

It was harder then expected to discover my post-art school creativity. Without the specific challange of a "project," with parameters set by a professor, it was really difficult to channel all of my ideas into a project. Then I realized that I don't need A project, I can do 1000 different projects. I just need to take time and make things. That sounds easy enough, but it is hard to get started. It is like going to the gym...not easy to start, but once you do, you rememebr how much better you feel! So I will fill this space with things I am making and things that inspire me. From jewelry to glass art to stuffed trees (of all things I don't know why trees, but they keep coming out of me.)
If I have this outlet to post, I am hoping it encouarges me to keep going. I am feeling much better now that all of this stored up creativity is coming out! (Hence, CrafTHERAPY) Now maybe I should start a gym blog, but who has the time?

(Above is my new mailbox!)

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